Crossover Beethoven


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Data: 30 Septembrie 2020, 16:00 Miercuri


Also with his latest CD “Crossover Beethoven“, Schinkel and his Trio strikes out on his own again, beyond the mainstream repertoires of many other piano jazz trios: not only that he ranges masterfully between the musical genres jazz, classical music and rock, moreover he intertwines his lyrical piano performance with distorted synthesizer sounds, just as if Keith Jarrett Keith Emerson would meet for a pianistic rendezvous.
Since the days of Joe Zawinul and Jan Hammer, only few piano artists discovered an innovative sound among a concert grand piano and synthesizer.
Marcus Schinkel played his last program “Crossover Beethoven“ as a german culture embassador in Chengdu/China 2018 with members of the Szetchuan Music Conservatory Of Chengdu, and in 2019 with the jouth orchestra of San Pedro Sula in Honduras, also for several german embassies all over the world.
End of this year starting a huge international tour, leading to Italy, France, Rumania, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras and China.


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