Festivalism X Story pres. Waveform Story


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Data: 26 Ianuarie 2019, 22:00 Sâmbătă
Preț: 15 lei


We teamed up with our good old friends from Sibiu, Story, because we wanted to push things a little further. More than a livestream, more than a party. A story. One to be told and remembered.

That’s not it, yet. We’re actually building together something really special beyond the series of events we’ve previously did. For more on that, stay tuned to our facebook pages, ‘cause we’ll be releasing more details soon.

In the meantime we have the joy to invite you to our second crossbred Waveform experience: Festivalism X Story pres. Waveform Story - Sibiu. The event will be held in Faust Cafe und Disko.

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