Vision Party by Grey Goose


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Data: 2 Februarie 2019, 23:00 Sâmbătă
Telefon Informații: 040 748 111 893 / 040 731 547 843


Everyone is invited at the first Vision Party at Liquid The Club  a Grey Goose concept

Our special guests will make sure that you won't forget this night. Great beats and magical vibes will show you our Vision

DJ U-GIN, the talented LOFT resident will tune up the night along Chi Pah that will perform a LIVE PERCUSSION ACT 

Warm-up by Liquid The Club's Residents:

DJ Cipi Hampu 
Mc Rosso 

Pure White Animation show by our beautiful dancers 

Join us on the 2nd of February and let's create some great new memories together at the Vision Party powered by Grey Goose

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